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Embark on an underwater adventure with our Octopus Tea Ball Charm! Dive into the depths of the sea and bring back a touch of oceanic charm to your tea-making ritual.


Crafted with intricate detail, this captivating charm features an octopus shape with curled tentacles and adorned with clear rhinestones, evoking the mystery and beauty of the deep sea.

Measuring 1 3/4" in length and 1 7/8" in width, this tea ball charm is the perfect size to infuse your tea with a dash of maritime whimsy. The antique silver metal color adds a rustic touch, reminiscent of treasures found on the ocean floor.


For maintenance, it's important to remove the charm before washing. To preserve its luster and charm, gently clean the charm with a soft cloth and mild soap. Additionally, the tea ball charm is dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning without compromising its quality.

Simply attach the charm to your tea ball using its jump ring, and let it bring a wave of enchantment to your tea-making experience.


Take a dive into extraordinary flavor and embrace the allure of our Octopus Tea Ball Charm, a whimsical addition that transforms every cup into an underwater adventure.

Octopus Tea Charm

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