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Elevate your tea time ritual with our Grace Definition Tea Ball Charm Pendant, a charming addition to our 2" reusable tea ball infuser set, designed to infuse your brewing experience with faith and elegance. Crafted to adorn your favorite tea ball, this pendant adds a touch of spiritual significance to each steeping session. Fashioned into a teardrop shape, the metal charm features a radiant silver finish and engraved black text defining its divine purpose.



Measuring at a graceful 1 3/16" in length and 1" in width, this charm seamlessly attaches to your 2" tea ball with its convenient jump ring, transforming your brewing routine into a moment of reflection and devotion. For maintenance, simply detach the charm before washing. The tea ball itself is dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning without compromising its quality or shine.

Pair the charm with other spiritual symbols, such as crosses and doves, to curate a personalized and meaningful tea experience.



The pendant bears the full text:

God's Undeserved; Unmerited Favor

Grace Tea Charm Large

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