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Common belief maintains that nothing is made to last. Well, when Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom created the Ginkgo Tree, she wasn't worried about common belief. For evidence, let's travel to 1945 Hiroshima, Japan. After the explosion of the atom bomb, nearly all living things in the area were killed. All, that is, but six Gingko trees growing within a couple of kilometres of the blast zone. Those six trees, all of which thrive to this day, thoroughly charred by the blast, managed to survive and shortly afterward began to produce new shoots. A miracle of botany.

In addition to its ability to heal itself, Ginkgo is prized by herbalists and traditional medicine practitioners as a great way to heal the body. Consuming ginkgo products is said to help blood circulation, improve sight and hearing, even assist with cognitive functions in the brain, leading some to believe it may slow Alzheimer's.
For a tree with such an impressive resume, it isn't too surprising to learn that the leaves of the tree also produce an easy-going, thoroughly enjoyable tisane. We've sourced these luxury ginkgo leaves from one of the world's premier suppliers, located in France. When brewed, it produces a lightish cup with a delicate floral fragrance and a smooth, long finish. A classic example of one of the world's most tenacious plants. A votre santé.

Gingko Leaves

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