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Total Soul Glow was created to offer tools that support you in practicing Autonomy

Autonomy is, simply a person's ability to act on their own values and interests. Taken from the ancient Greek, the word means 'self-legislation' or 'self-governance.


 To do these things, the autonomous person must have a sense of self-worth and self-respect.

Total Soul Glow was created as a platform to provide tools to help you become more Autonomous. The world flows better when we are able to self-regulate.

We put a lot of Love & care into our products & Processes. Please give us your feedback & enjoy what is! u

the why . 

All of our teas are Certified Kosher, Vegan & Organic. Our suppliers work closely with the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization that ensures a fairer, more sustainable tea industry for workers, farmers, and the environment; all while working to improve the lives of tea workers.

We release four teas per quarter that come in our collectible jars, all other teas ship in a biodegradable paper bag. we recommend storing your teas in a tin or airtight glass jar for the best results.

your products .

We donate a portion of your purchases to non-profit organizations that focus on therapy for domestic violence survivors. We also donate to childcare providers for single mothers.

We respect these organizations' privacy because of the level of security provided to their communities. If you'd like any further information, please contact us via email at

global cause .

Total Soul Glow may collect and process Personal Information regarding our users. We do not sell or distribute your information for any reason outside of completing your transaction. For the full copy of our privacy policy email 

privacy policy .

packed with love .

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